DalRae Aussies

About DalRae

We are competitive show enthusiasts, located in Baytown, Texas. We show in both AKC and ASCA, handle our own dogs, and are committed to ensuring the Australian Shepherd breed is healthy and adheres to the standard as closely as possible.

Our aussies live in our home, and are spoiled rotten. We have been successful owner handlers for 22 years, and take what we do very seriously. Our dogs are a priority, and we make sure each and every one is happy, healthy, and sound. We only breed occasionally, so if you are interested in one of our dogs, please be aware there is a waiting list, and we screen all potential homes thoroughly. We want to be sure all homes for our dogs will be committed to a lifelong responsibility, and our aussies will be loved to the fullest extent. You may find upcoming litters, past litters, and any available older dogs on our "Available" page. Our dogs are strong, athletic, intelligent, biddable, and are able to perform in any venue. They have exemplary temperaments which allow them to assist with livestock in the field, fly through the agility course, become a stately show dog, or just a strong and devoted companion.

We spend hours upon end researching the breed, spending our time and money on making sure each dog passess all health certifications, genetic tests, and has a clean pedigree. We hope you enjoy viewing our babies, and if you have any questions, or are interested in becoming part of the DalRae family, please use the Contact Us link above, or email me, Kristen Cloud.

Kristen Cloud

Baytown, Texas



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