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Australian Shepherds


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Introducing DalRae's Summer Lovin' Litter

Puppies are here!!!!

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Puppy Information & Breeding Philosophy


DalRae strives to produce sound, intelligent, exemplary aussies, that are capable of competing in all venues, and being a wonderful addition to your family.  If you are considering a DalRae puppy, please remember that a dog is a big financial and emotional investment, and you should be prepared for the puppy you choose to be a part of your family for about 15+ years.  Choosing the right breeder is essential to having a healthy and happy puppy, and family.  


Our aussies are very active, but have a calm and gentle spirit, with high natural herding instinct and agility.  Their temperaments can range from high energy to laid back, and it is important to us that we match the correct puppy to your family situation.  Therefore, when you choose one of our puppies, we will place priority on how well the puppy will fit your family and lifestyle, over color or gender.  We choose our sires and pedigrees carefully, and work to produce show prospects for the betterment of our kennel and breed.  Therefore, our show prospects are typically evaluated at 8 weeks, so we may not be sure of which puppies go where until then.   There are times where we are able to determine certain puppies will not be suitable for our breeding program, and can allow those pups to be spoken for before the 8 week evaluation.


All breeding stock will always have health clearances done, will be of sound mind and structure, and be an overall great example of the breed.   Our puppies will come with a normal health guarantee, and all show prospects will come with a guarantee against any disqualifying faults, and will be replaced shall a fault as such arise.  


All pet/companion puppies will be sold with limited AKC and ASCA registration, to be spayed or neutered.  Anyone looking for a show prospect will have priority pick of pups.   No dog will be sold for the sole purpose of breeding and our show prospects will be co-owned until their championships and health clearances have been completed.  


A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your puppy.  If there is not a puppy that will suit your needs in that litter, your deposit may be transferred to the next litter. Deposit will not be refunded if you simply change your mind.  Prices for pups range from $1000-$2500 depending on companion or show prospect.


Kristen Cloud



Christie Cotton


IndigoMoon and DalRae Aussies are proud to announce a breeding between Shady & Rae!  We have been anticipating this cross, and were simply waiting for the right time.   These pups will have an outstanding pedigree, filled with Grand Championships, Best In Shows, top ranked aussies, and some of the most versatile and solid lines of our breed. Both Shady and Rae have flawless movement and exemplary temperaments, and we cannot wait to see what the two produce! Rae blessed us with 3 blue merle females, 2 black tri females, and 1 black tri male, and we will be keeping at least one puppy. To go ahead and be put on our waiting list, please contact us, as we have already had inquiries about this cross before the breeding took place. Please view their individual pages for more pictures, information, wins, and pedigrees.  Shady and Rae are still currently being shown in the AKC and ASCA rings.



DOB: 1/30/2014

Weight: 62 pounds

HSF4 (HC): N/N

Hips/Elbows: Good/Normal

MDR1 - M/N

PHA - positive


Full Dentition/Scissors Bite

AKC/ASCA major pointed

Bb - red factored



DOB: 1/23/13

Weight: 47 pounds

HSF4 (HC): Cleared by parentage

Hips/Elbows: Excellent/Normal


PHA: negative


Full Dentition/Scissors Bite

BB - not red factored

AKC/ASCA major pointed

BOB win over specials

BOB Puppy and Group 1

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