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Puppy Philosophy

My breeding philosophy is and will always be; health first. A "show" dog has NO higher purpose than a "pet" but any animal bred

without health screenings and research into pedigrees, offspring, siblings etc., is NEVER used in my breeding program.

Our breed, like many others, has health screenings so that the risk of health issues can be minimal, and perhaps one day, totally eradicated from our breed. I applaud and support those breeders before me, whom spent their resources, money, time and adhered to a strict code of ethics in health. These are the breeders, the founders that allow me to continue, and to honor this magnificent breed by research into pedigrees (usually 4-5 generations) and build upon solid health foundations.

Any dog is a huge emotional investment, and the dog you choose could be in your life for the next 15 years.   We suggest you choose your breeder carefully.  This is not an area to "bargain shop".

All of our puppies come with normal health guarantees.  Show prospects will come with a guarantee against any disqualifying faults and will be replaced if such a fault arises. Pups are whelped with us, and will stay with us until 8-9 weeks of age. At that time, puppies will venture to their new homes with a microchip, AKC and ASCA registration, first set of shots, and having been wormed.  Any dog that is used for breeding in our program, will have all proper health clearances appropriate for an Australian Shepherd.

The litters we have are being bred for us, however, we may only have one litter per year. Please understand, we do not evaluate until 8 weeks of age, so there is no guarantee before that time which exact puppy we will be keeping, which means that we will not be able to say exactly what puppies can go where until then.  Sometimes there are puppies we can identify as something we don't need  for our breeding/show program and we can and will commit on those before the 8 week evaluations.  

Puppies are whelped in our home, handled daily, and will be accustomed to regular household noises and people coming and going. 

Aussies temperaments can range from high drive to slightly lazy.  It is very important to us to produce dogs that are enjoyable to live with, easy to train, intelligent, with good social skills as well as being structurally sound and a great representation of our breed.  

Our companion/pet prices start at $1000 and our show-prospects start at $1800.

We do have a contract, and all pet/companion puppies are sold with limited registration to be spayed or neutered.  As not every dog is a show dog, but every dog can be a pet, it is only fair that a person looking for a show dog have first opportunity with the puppies that would be good show prospects.   As much as possible we will try to let people choose on a first come first serve basis according to when their deposits were received, on our companion puppies.  But if there is a perfect fit for a particular family, we will make that choice, or recommendation.  No dog will be sold for the sole purpose of breeding and our show prospects will be co-owned until their championships and health clearances have been completed.  Special exceptions may apply for well extablished show homes.

We will take a $250 non-refundable deposit on any puppy.  If there is not a puppy of your liking, or one that will fit well with your lifestyle, we will refund the deposit, or move it to the next litter, your choice.  We will not refund a deposit because the puppy isn't marked like you want it or it doesn't have blue eyes, or you simply changed your mind,  etc.  There can be no guarantees on the superficial things on puppies in any litter and such things should be last on the list.  

Priority should be placed on how well the puppy's personality/temperament fits with your family and lifestyle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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